Objective of the bussiness

Luxury and Popular Trading Private Limited Company is a private company that currently imports and distributes different types of merchandise items and is working to start the manufacturing of soap and detergent, dry cell batteries and umbrella and to engage on exporting business in wide range.

   By accomplishing the following detailed business objectives the company strives to remain as a viable and profitable business entity for indefinite period of time.

  • Enhance profitability and product diversity. As we are profit making company we identify the products that can generate good return to our growth and strive to keep up-to-date with all local and international market need so that our objective is met.
  • Contribute substantially to the economy of the host country. We believe in betterment of everyone so at Luxury & Popular trading plc we always focus to bring significant turn over to the country and we proud ourselves in being an active part of the Country Economy through our progressing to the manufacturing line rather than import only.
  • Improve well-being of our staff.As an Employer, we focus on our Values … we are what we have, that is Our Employees. Hard works, intensity, in-depth knowledge, commitment, well-timed solutions, results beyond expectations and knowledge-sharing culture are the building maker of our employees.  While their peace of mind, making work as an indulgence, cherish their esteem and their continuous growth are the key components for us to earn their satisfaction and commitment.


Luxury & Popular Trading P.L.C

Mexico infront of DeAfric Hotel,
Tadesse Tefera Bldg,
2nd Floor Suite 201
P: (251) 115508902/112130158
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po: 1021  Addis ababa , Ethiopia